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Life Insurance

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How Long Will My Life Insurance Application Take?

Applying for life insurance may seem like a daunting process, but knowing what to expect can make it simpler and easier for you. Depending on a variety of factors, the underwriting approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months or longer. The following are the

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Understanding The Main Life Insurance Classifications

Life insurance companies use a system of classification to determine an individual’s state of health, based on a series of factors pertaining to that person. Your classification can affect how much life insurance coverage you can get at each price point. Healthy people get more favorable classifications and lower rates.

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Is Graded Death Benefit Life Insurance Worth The Cost?

Graded death benefit insurance has important advantages for certain people. It may be worth the cost if you want the protection of permanent life insurance coverage, but may not qualify for another permanent life insurance plan because of health issues. What Is Graded Death Benefit Insurance? Graded death benefit insurance

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Three Uncommon Life Insurance Scenarios

In most cases, when the insured on a life insurance policy dies, the proceeds are paid out to named beneficiaries without a hitch. However, you should be aware of certain unusual scenarios that could occur. Speak with our knowledgeable agent for professional help in avoiding potentially tricky situations with your

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How A Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your Life Insurance

No one is perfect, and most people get a traffic ticket at least one in their lifetimes. But the truth is, your driving record can significantly affect your life insurance. If you have a current life insurance policy and you get a speeding ticket, it will not affect your rates.

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How Do I Change My Life Insurance Beneficiary?

It is crucial to name a beneficiary on your life insurance policy. Otherwise, when you die, the policy becomes part of your estate and subject to probate. However, you may change your mind about who you want your beneficiary to be, in which case you have the right to change

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Understanding Waivers Of Premium

If you are purchasing a life insurance policy, one of the decisions you will need to make is whether to add a waiver of premium rider. A waiver of premium may be a valuable addition to your policy, depending on your needs. Our experienced agent will be happy to advise

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