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Lyndon Johnson

A Brief History Of Medicare

Americans began receiving Medicare benefits after 1965, when President Lyndon Johnson signed the legislation into law. But the cause actually started with Teddy Roosevelt, who ran for president in 1912 on a platform that included national health insurance. The following is a brief sketch of Medicare events after President Roosevelt.

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Senior woman on computer

Keeping Up With Medicare Changes

Keeping up with Medicare changes can be a challenge. The entire subject is complicated to begin with, and with the rules change from time to time, it can add more confusion into the mix. One way to stay abreast of Medicare changes is to look online. A Google search can

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Senior at doctor

New Medicare Enrollment: How Do I Find A Participating Doctor?

When you turn 65, you may get Medicare automatically if you are receiving Social Security benefits, or you may need to enroll. You have choices as to how you get your coverage, including Original Medicare or one of the Medicare Advantage Plans, which are offered by Medicare-approved private companies that

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