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Disability Insurance

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National Burn Awareness Week: Shift from Awareness to Preparedness

Raising Awareness on National Burn Awareness Week National Burn Awareness Week serves as a critical reminder of the devastating impact of burn injuries and the importance of prevention. While awareness is essential, taking proactive steps towards preparedness is equally vital. Let’s explore how we can shift from awareness to preparedness

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Are You Underestimating Your Need for Disability Insurance?

If you don’t place a high priority on disability insurance, you are not alone. Although most people underestimate their chances of disability, the risk is higher than you might think. Approximately one-third of the population will experience a disability before 65, as reported on Kiplinger. Underestimating the odds of needing

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Common Reasons Disability Claims Are Denied

You have disability insurance to protect your loved ones should you become disabled and can no longer earn a living. It is important that you understand the most common reasons disability claims are denied before purchasing a policy. You Filed for Benefits Too Late. Long-term disability insurance policies require that

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Disability Insurance

Disability insurance serves a critical role in your health and welfare should you become very ill, incapacitated, and need special care in the future. However, when choosing a disability insurance policy, you must be careful to avoid four pitfalls: 1. Benefits could cancel each other. Group insurance policies, such as

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What Is The Long-Term Disability Waiting Period?

Long-term disability insurance is designed to help cover your living expenses should you become disabled. However, the insurance company does not start paying out benefits immediately if you become seriously ill or injured. You must meet a specific definition of disability for a certain period of time (typically 90 to

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Think You Don’t Need Disability Insurance? Think Again!

It’s not easy to think about the possibility of becoming disabled, suffering a serious illness, or becoming incapacitated. We understand these are difficult topics, but even if you are young and healthy, it may be time to have an honest conversation about disability insurance. This type of insurance coverage can

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