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Group Benefits

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How to Create the Best Time Off Policies for Small Businesses

Every employee needs a day off occasionally. Many small businesses offer generous paid time off (PTO) policies as a way to compete with larger companies. Not only does this create an attractive incentive for top talent to hire on, but it also helps reduce employee turnover. What Is Paid Time

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Here are the Advantages to Having a Health Savings Account

Many employers today are offering high-deductible health insurance plans along with health savings accounts (HSAs). The downside is the high deductible – the amount you must pay out-of-pocket for covered medical expenses before your health plan kicks in. Nevertheless, HSAs have a number of benefits for employees. How Does a

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What Does a Top-Tier Group Benefits Package Include?

Most companies offer their employees some benefits, but the quality of these packages can vary widely. Top-tier group benefits packages are ideal, as these benefits help attract and retain the best talent in your industry, making it more possible for your company to win the hiring game in a competitive

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Should I Offer Multiple Health Plans?

After monetary compensation, health insurance is the most desirable benefit for most employees. If you offer only one health plan, your employees are limited in their healthcare choices. Offering a choice of health plans can make your benefits package significantly more attractive to existing and prospective workers. What Are the

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How to Support Your Employees’ Mental Health During the Holidays

Although the holidays are meant to be a time of joy and celebration, they can be particularly stressful for many people. For most employees, the holidays are an exceptionally busy time, with end-of year deadlines, shifts in normal schedules, and the added financial pressures of gift giving and special gatherings.

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Should I Provide 401(k) Matching?

Employees love to watch the value of their 401(k) grow. Employers who match 401(k) funds are providing one of the most popular employee benefits. The investment in these retirement savings accounts are tax-free, taxed when funds are withdrawn at retirement or when withdrawn early for another reason. Types of 401(k)

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How Incorporating Wellness Activities at Work Improves Productivity

Every employer wants a team of inspired workers who are focused, energetic, and productive. A work environment that has incorporated wellness activities can inspire higher levels of production, as the employees are happier, less stressed, and usually feel more dedicated to achieving the goals set by management. What Wellness Activities

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Group Benefits

The employees you want on your team will need benefits. In a tight job market, with competition for talent higher than ever, the benefits you offer matter. When choosing group benefits, several basic issues must be thoroughly evaluated before deciding on what to offer employees: Employee Demographics – Generation Alpha,

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Benefits of Providing Financial Planning Resources to Employees

The most basic group benefit plan will provide some form of health insurance to employees, with some percentage paid by the employer. Many employers have taken steps to offer a more appealing range of benefits to their employees, including life insurance, long term care insurance, a 401(k) with matching funds,

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