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Original Medicare

Man and doctor discussing cancer diagnosis

Diagnosed With Cancer? Know Your Medicare Options

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you probably know that treatment costs are high. This is why it is important to carefully consider your options under Medicare.  Original Medicare Medicare coverage is divided into parts. Part A covers inpatient care (hospitalization). Part B covers outpatient care, such as doctor

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Nurse speaking with a senior woman in a wheelchair in a nursing home

Does Medicare Pay for Nursing Homes?

There may come a time in the life of an elderly person when a nursing home is the best option. Many older persons are living with a range of age-related conditions that must be managed professionally. Medicare offers some strong advantages for senior healthcare, but not all Medicare plans will

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Do I Need More Insurance If I Have Medicare

Do I Need More Insurance If I Have Medicare?

If your income is very low, you may not need more health insurance than Medicare. Low-income individuals who are eligible for Medicare may also qualify for Medicaid – a joint federal and state low-income assistance program. For people who have both, Medicaid will pick up where Medicare coverage leaves off.

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Does Medicare Cover Dental and Vision

Does Medicare Cover Dental and Vision?

Original Medicare does not cover most dental services. This includes cleanings, fillings, extractions, dentures, dental plates, and other devices. Eye exams for glasses or contact lenses are also not covered by original Medicare. You pay 100% out of pocket for these services. However, some Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C)

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