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Health Insurance

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3 Health Insurance Options for College Students

Everyone needs health insurance, including college students. If you are heading off to college in the fall, it is important to make sure you have health insurance, find out where to go in case you become sick or injured, and choose a pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. As for health

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PPO vs. HMO: Which Is Right for You?

Choosing a health insurance plan is a crucial decision. There are various factors to consider, including cost. The first choice to make is the type of health plan that works best for you. Two of the most common types are HMOs and PPOs. The following is some basic information about

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Health insurance

Is There a Right Time to Purchase Health Insurance?

Injuries, illnesses, and other medical emergencies can be unpredictable. Having good health insurance can help you get the preventive care and diagnostics you need to stay healthy and reduce the financial burden in case medical emergencies suddenly occur. The sooner you have health coverage, the better you can protect your

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How to Navigate Through Health Insurance After a Divorce

During a marriage, health insurance for the entire family may be provided through one spouse’s employer-sponsored health plan. If the marriage ends in divorce, the other spouse may find himself or herself with no health insurance. Fortunately, it is possible to enroll in a health plan if you have been

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A Beginner’s Guide to Health Insurance Deductibles and Copays

Deductibles and copays are both out-of-pocket expenses. Although they both represent a percentage you must pay when seeing a medical practitioner, they are not the same. Your copay is a fee you pay when you fill a prescription or receive medical services. The deductible is an agreed-upon amount you must

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Is Short-Term Health Insurance a Smart Option?

There are many life events that could leave you without health insurance for a period of time. You may be changing jobs, starting your own business, were laid off, or are going through a divorce and will soon lose access to your soon-to-be former spouse’s medical insurance. In any of

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Stroke Awareness Month

National Stroke Awareness Month

It’s National Stroke Awareness Month, and now is a great time to consider what you can do to learn more about this medical condition. By shining a light on the risks of stroke, you can potentially save a life, make better decisions for yourself, and ultimately enjoy many more years

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Do Not Let Your Preventive Care Fall Through the Cracks

Preventive care is an essential part of managing your health and ensuring you catch potential issues early on, so you can live a longer life. Not only will preventive care reduce your chances of developing a serious health condition, but you can obtain most of these services at no cost

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Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about health insurance, we offer answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Which health insurance plan is the best? No health insurance plan is the best for everyone. Each individual and family has a unique situation with regard to income

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