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Does Medicare Cover Weight Loss Programs?

Losing weight is always a challenge, and support is available through your Medicare plan, depending on your coverage. If a weight loss treatment is deemed to be medically necessary by your doctor, a range of services is available to you. What Each Medicare Plan Covers for Weight Loss Medicare Part

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How to Find the Right Caregiver

If you have an elderly relative or a younger person with physical or mental limitations, you may need to find a caregiver. Every situation requires a specific level of training to provide the support your loved one needs. The caregiver becomes part of your family and choosing right could not

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Qualifying For Medicare Before Age 65

When you turn 65, you automatically become eligible for Medicare if you qualify for Social Security benefits or are a citizen or permanent resident living in the U.S. Certain people under the age of 65 may also be eligible for Medicare due to disability. What Qualifies a Person Under Age

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5 Tips to Take Care of Our Senior Citizens

We love our seniors and want to take care of them. They deserve our respect and appreciation for all they have done for us. The following are some tips to help improve an older person’s quality of life. Encourage Exercise and Physical Activity Walking, dancing, swimming, ping pong – any

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Social Security vs. Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are related. Many seniors begin receiving benefits from both at approximately the same time. However, they are two different programs administered by other federal agencies, which provide different benefits to older adults. What Is Social Security? Social Security was created to promote the economic security of

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How to Avoid Medicare Penalties

Medicare charges late enrollment penalties that take some people by surprise. These penalties are designed to discourage older Americans from passing up Medicare coverage and possibly incurring high medical bills down the road. Take steps to avoid these penalties, so you do not have to pay higher Medicare premiums. What

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How to Prepare For Your “Welcome to Medicare” Visit

If you are new to Medicare, you are embarking on a new phase in your healthcare journey. One of the first things you will do is schedule a “Welcome to Medicare” visit. Medicare covers this visit. When scheduling this first visit, ensure the medical provider you choose accepts Medicare. When

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Common Medicare Questions to Ask

When you become eligible for Medicare, several questions arise. What questions should you ask? And who should you ask? Trying to get answers can be a little more complex than you expect! Most people find it much easier to work with a local agent who can answer your questions clearly,

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Common Medicare Insurance Pitfalls to Avoid

You are eligible for Medicare and have probably been looking forward to the lower cost of health insurance. If you are nearing age 65, you need to be aware of the common pitfalls that many eligible people have experienced: You did not sign up during your initial enrollment period. You

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Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you are eligible for Medicare, it is time to decide what plan to choose – which can be surprisingly difficult. To better understand the difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Supplemental Insurance, you need to know what each plan does (and does not) offer. Medicare Advantage Plans

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