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Life Insurance

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Do Graduate Students Need Life Insurance?

Obtaining a graduate degree may be the right choice to increase your earning potential and advance your career. If you have decided to go to graduate school, life insurance may be the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, it may be a smart move for a full-time or part-time graduate

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Is Universal Life Insurance Right for Me?

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that provides lifetime coverage as long as you pay your premiums. Like other permanent life insurance, it has a cash value element that can be used for different purposes. Universal life differs from whole life in that it allows you

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5 Things That Are Excluded From Your Life Insurance

The main reason for purchasing life insurance is to leave something behind for your loved ones when you pass away. You pay your life insurance premiums to ensure your beneficiaries will receive death benefits should something happen to you. Not everyone is aware that life insurance policies have certain exclusions

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The Importance of Updating Your Life Insurance Policy

If you are developing a career, accumulating assets, or starting a family, your life insurance needs could change. It is a good idea to review your policy from time to time to ensure it provides the coverage you need and reflects your current situation. As we age and achieve milestones,

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The Ins and Outs of a Life Insurance Rider Policy

Did you know you may be able to add features to your life insurance that allow you to customize your policy? Life insurance riders are add-ons to a policy that you can use to personalize your life insurance to better suit your needs. Although some life insurance riders may increase

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Understanding the Steps to Buy Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is a critical point in planning for the future. If this is your first time purchasing life insurance, our step-by-step guide can help. How to Buy the Right Life Insurance for You If this is your first time looking into life insurance, take these basic steps to

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5 Misconceptions About Life Insurance

Preparing for the future usually involves saving for your children’s education or for retirement. You may not have considered life insurance due to misconceptions regarding cost or other issues. Instead of letting false information influence buying this essential life-planning tool, take a moment to get the facts. Life Insurance and

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How Will My Credit History Impact My Life Insurance Rate?

Your credit score carries a lot of weight in many life activities, including renting or purchasing a home, being approved for a credit card or personal loan, and will affect the interest rate you are offered when buying or leasing a car or other item. While your credit rating does

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Am I Eligible for Life Insurance if I Have a Chronic Illness?

If you live with a chronic illness and are considering the prospect of purchasing life insurance, you may be wondering if your condition will get in the way of your eligibility. However, many people with chronic health conditions are still able to qualify for average life insurance rates. Of course,

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Is Joint Life Insurance a Good Idea?

Joint life insurance comes with several appealing benefits. Rather than covering one spouse, the insurance covers both spouses – but only pays one death benefit – when one partner dies. This type of insurance can be more affordable than buying two separate life insurance policies. How does Joint Life Insurance

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