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Life Insurance

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6 Mortgage Protection Myths Debunked

Buying a home is one of life’s most significant, and expensive, milestones. When you find the ideal property, you will be required to jump through several hoops to get a mortgage. Some home buyers are required to purchase mortgage insurance, while others choose to purchase mortgage life insurance – there

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Effective Ways to Spring Clean Your Life Insurance

It is smart to “spring clean” your life insurance each year, as the life insurance market changes over time. A new insurance product could allow you to purchase higher levels of coverage at a lower cost. With the help of a qualified insurance agent, you may discover you have been

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How to Use a Fixed Annuity for Retirement Income

A fixed annuity works to create income stability during retirement. These insurance contracts are designed to pay the owner a guaranteed interest rate, rather than being subject to changes in the market and interest rates. These insurance policies are purchased with a lump sum, or paid for overtime, with a

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3 Ways Life Insurance Can Help with Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for those who plan to retire, or the elderly – this process is a crucial issue for anyone who wants to protect their assets and their loved ones. Life insurance is one of the most effective estate planning tools, no matter the size or value

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Insure the Ones You Love

February is Insure Your Love Month. This is the seventh year of the Insure Your Love Campaign, coordinated by Life Happens. Buying life insurance to protect the ones you care about is an expression of love. Valentine’s Day falls in February, which makes it the perfect time to remind people

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Why Life Insurance Is Still Important If You’re Single

Many single people believe they don’t need life insurance. With no one relying on their income to act as beneficiaries, why should they pay the monthly premiums? The truth is life insurance is not just for married people with children. It can have many benefits for single people as well.

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Common Life Insurance Riders to Consider

Life insurance can play a vital role in financial planning for your family’s future. It is primarily designed to provide for your loved ones when you are gone. You can also add supplemental benefits with riders – amendments to your life insurance policy. Riders make it possible to opt in

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New Year, New Life Insurance Review

It is a good policy to review your life insurance every year. If you have paid your premiums on time, the policy will still be there, most likely without any material changes since you purchased it. However, if major changes have occurred in your life, your life insurance policy may

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How to Leave a Legacy through Life Insurance

Your legacy – what will it be, and how will you be remembered when you pass? A guaranteed death benefit provides financial support when your loved ones need it most. The policy benefits can be used to buy property, provide for the family, pay for college tuition, trips, or whatever

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Give the Gift of Life Insurance this Holiday Season

The holidays are coming, and you may be wondering what to give your children or grandchildren. Life insurance can be the ideal gift. When purchased for a younger person, the cost of premiums is far lower. Whole Life insurance has the benefit of being an asset that can be borrowed

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